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Next screening of EL PASAJERO: Friday, April 24 @ 12:30pm

Lobo Production Group (which encompasses Lobo Productions, Lobo Pictures, and Lobo Theatre Group) is guided by the idea that human identity is not only reflected through cultural institutions, it is created by those institutions. We develop and produce documentaries, feature films, and stage plays that seek to erase national boundaries and identities, while highlighting human individualism. We strive to capture the power of ideas in the form that best serves to highlight those ideas, for the sake of better understanding ourselves and our motivations.

Formed in early 2006, Lobo Pictures strives to achieve in narrative films the same kind of success through integrity that has marked the documentaries produced by Lobo Productions since 2002. Lobo Pictures’ first effort, EL PASAJERO, completed post-production in January of 2008, and had its World Premiere at the 2008 Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, CA.


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