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When does a technician become an artist? That is the question at the heart of DISCOVERY, an hour-long documentary that follows the young musicians of the Youth Orchestra of the Americas (YOA) throughout a tour of South America.

In the summer of 2003, 108 of the most gifted young musicians representing 20 different countries of the American content convened for a two week rehearsal period on the campus of Earth University, in the Costa Rican rain forest. These two weeks were followed by four more weeks of touring through 18 different cities in Central and South America. A grueling daily rehearsal and tour schedule consisting of late nights, early mornings, constant travel, and variations in altitude and climate, took its toll on all. But the passion and enthusiasm of the musicians never dampened. Moreover, thousands of people in the far away corners of the hemisphere, who had never been exposed to classical music, discovered spiritual heights that transformed their sense of life forever.

Created in 2001, the YOA attempts to bridge cultural gaps across the Western Hemisphere, and to provide an example of the excellence that is possible when these cultures are brought together. The YOA’s mission of excellence through leadership is exemplified in an engaging and touching fashion by its young artists. They have left audiences standing on their feet after every concert, cheering for more while dancing in the isles.

DISCOVERY is a journey of discovery of music, the self, each other, and the vast human and cultural diversity that weave and strengthen the noble spirit of the Americas. It has been accepted at fifteen film festivals around the globe, and has been a crowd pleaser for young and old alike, winning the Orinda Film Festival’s top prize for best feature in 2005


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