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SYMPHONY is an exhilarating 50-minute sound score of classical masterpieces Beethoven, Mahler, Dvorak, Bernstein, and others interwoven with the life and transformational experience of witty, vibrant, and prodigious youth from the Americas. It is the story of the birth, synthesis and sensational inaugural tour of the Youth Orchestra of the Americas, 110 gifted young musicians who came together in July 2002 from 20 Western Hemisphere countries to form an ensemble that not only has inspired the audiences who heard them play in seven countries, but also, in breaking cultural stereotypes, has expanded the hearts and horizons of every participant in the program.

From renowned conductors, Placido Domingo, Leonard Slatkin and Benjamin Zander, to soloists, Yo-Yo Ma and Paquito d'Rivera, as well as numerous government leaders, without exception each found that the YOA musicians inspired them at a totally unexpected level of excellence. These leaders appear in the documentary as they teach and enjoy the musical experience. Audiences who have previewed the film have found they are intensely moved by the transformation of individuals from vastly different backgrounds who came together as strangers, learned to know each other, shared each other's cultures, studied and performed in magnificent unity, and parted as friends for life to take back what they have gained to their homes and communities.

With very few words of explanation or comment, SYMPHONY imparts the vision of how this model can be expanded into community, corporate and government arenas to bring the countries of North, Central and South America to a needed understanding and stronger working relationship.

SYMPHONY received its world premiere at the 2004 Breckenridge Film Festival.

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