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THE LEGACY is a feature length documentary that explores the hope, dignity, and joy that the pursuit of excellence engenders in a human being. We follow the lives of nine young musicians as they tour South America as part of The Youth Orchestra of the Americas (YOA) and then return to their hometowns. Along the way, we get to know the nobility of these dedicated young professionals, the impact that music has had on their lives, and the impact they, in turn, have on the world that surrounds them.

THE LEGACY is a story about hope and a recipe for living a life filled with joy in the face of hardship, alienation, and the noble struggle to become the best for the benefit of the whole. It includes live performances by the YOA and its internationally acclaimed guest soloists under the direction of three respected conductors.

Traveling to 31 cities in 11 countries over the past year, covering every corner of this hemisphere, from Canada to Argentina, from the Caribbean to the Andes and Berkshire Mountains, we have documented the struggles and joys of these young leaders.


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Past Projects

SYMPHONY. Literally, "the sounding of all the voices," SYMPHONY is the story of the birth, synthesis and sensational inaugural tour of the Youth Orchestra of the Americas.
DISCOVERY is a journey of discovery of music, the self, each other, and the vast human and cultural diversity that weaves and strengthens the noble spirit of the Americas.
DEUTSCHE BANK. Orginally produced as a team-building video for Deutsche, this 4-minute piece was nominated by their Board of Directors to be used for their global marketing campaign.
LOBO THEATRE chronicles the founding and inaugural production of a bare-bones, not-for-profit theatre group in New York City.

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